Friday, September 26, 2008

Done like dinner

Thought you might like to see some pics from the event, including the crowd of people that were there and (when it was all over) my apartment that I retired to. I got a lot of people that came by, there were laughs and claps, so that felt good. I made some "swag" that people bought, that was good too. I'm planning on entering this into some festivals and stuff. I've even got some ideas for a sequel because of things people were saying during the screening. It was a good night and I'm happy that all the people that came enjoyed it. Now off to Wimbledon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is that what you're wearing??

Well here's a artist's conception of some merchandise ideas I have for my film. Available in all sizes, just tell me which size you want. $10 for each item. Any other ideas for other items? Send them over. I'm getting some mini-posters printed up for the screening. Next time I pay someone to do the worrying for me.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Before the Dark Times

The Dark Knight is GREAT. I don't pay any attention to all the media garbage that's constantly being strewn on the airwaves or in print. Everyone's going on about praising Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker, mostly because he died after filming. Even if he was still alive, his performance would knock you over. It's creepy, unsettling and WOW!!! Everyone in this film did a fantastic job. If you like good movies, comic books, and great story, direction and acting....this is the film. People are saying it's too long, I say NO. I could go on with a detailed analysis of it (and it would be lost on a lot people) but it's easier to say to people worthy of hearing it....GO SEE IT.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can see clearly now...

.....and here are some screen caps that should wet your appetite. I'll be hosting a screening for people who are in the Toronto area. Hope you can make it and hope that you like it.

Don't stand under a tree

Well, here it is, at long last. My poster for my short film "When Lightning Strikes". It's been quite a ride, and it's STILL not over. It's like the kid you never want. After I get some copies made, it's festival bound, television bound, and whatever other boundaries await it....and me. I've been incredibly fortunate to find a producer/promoter/artist for this "event". Her name is Alexis Victor and she's been invaluable to me in terms of putting this poster together, making dvd covers and contacting people for me. I hope to keep her busy with stuff for a very long time. Here's hoping to a very long future with Adam, Penny and the gang.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Almost there...

Well, I've just finished looking at the final mix of my film. There's a couple of things left for the sound engineer to do and it's done. I walked home feeling incredibly depressed. Not because of the sound guys and what they've done, they actually fixed alot of the mistakes that needed fixing because of the animation. The fact that I don't like the designs, the animation, pretty much everything has little to do with it. It's probably about 50% of what I want. Some of the blame, nope, alot of the blame comes from the "d list" "talent" I was forced to deal with. Without getting into any specifics, let's just say that her talents were NOT to dai for.....yeah you read that right. Anyway, for me to elaborate would be for me to be broadcast on every media outlet possible so NOBODY hires this idiot. There has to be alcohol involved as well.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Well things are happening. I got a notice from my website provider that if I don't renew my account for my site, then my domain name will vanish from cyberspace. To tell you the truth, I didn't have a lot of business when my site went up, but I did get some nice compliments. Unfortunately when I tried to play the "compliment card" at my bank, they said it could not be substituted as a mortgage payment, so to all that saw my website and the drawings therein, thanks for the nice words, but my website will soon be closing as of mid-June. My blog however, will still be running, how could I deprive my readers (I think there are 2....and I'm one of them) my opinions. Anyway, lots of stuff going on and I'd like to type more but this construction makes it hard to concentrate. More to come.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Andy Knight R.I.P.

You never think you'll read about this kind of thing when it's about someone you know. I STILL can't believe it. When I read an e-mail that I received on Thursday afternoon, I was shocked to say the least. Andy Knight died from a stroke at the age of 46. He was the director of Red Rover, a studio here in Toronto. I remember Andy giving me the opportunity to join the studio. When I walked in and saw some of the talent he assembled, I was floored. Andy's talent was incredible. I'm remembering how easily he could draw something, it made me think of Robert McKimson's drawing style. Andy was laid back, easy to talk to, and loved a good laugh....and a good drink. Naturally I felt at home. There are some great memories I have of Red Rover...the "beer fridays", the laughter at the studio, the Charlotte Room pool nights, the friendly atmosphere, the boat trip to St. Catherine's with the studio....DAMN great memories. A class act, a great guy, I'm very honored to have worked with you Andy. My heart goes out to his wife Linzi and their 3 kids. I don't know what else to say. Rest in peace Andy. You'll be missed.